Merchant Accounts for Clothing Stores

Providing robust payment processing gateways, empowering businesses with seamless and secure transaction capabilities

What to Know

The profound impact of the online market on the fashion industry is evident, largely attributed to the transformative capabilities and convenience offered by eCommerce. This presents an advantageous opportunity for retailers, enabling them to effortlessly showcase the latest trends to a global audience. For those aspiring to venture into online apparel sales, establishing a clothing store merchant account is imperative.

Whether your focus is on retailing designer shoes, custom t-shirts, boutique items, or handcrafted jewelry, the integration of a payment gateway into your company’s website is a fundamental step. Initiating this process involves collaboration with a credit card processor specializing in apparel transactions. This strategic partnership facilitates online payment acceptance, manages specific charges, and assists in credit card processing for your emerging online clothing store. Upon completion of this pivotal step, your business will be operational, poised for success in the dynamic realm of online apparel commerce.


Fraud is equally detrimental to us as it is to you.

Unfortunately, banks often reject online merchant account applications citing concerns about potential chargebacks and fraud risks. We acknowledge the impact of fraud on both parties and proudly provide comprehensive fraud prevention services, utilizing state-of-the-art data encryption for secure payment processing across all our client transactions.

Our Online Merchant Account Service Advantages Include


Easily accept credit cards and eChecks for all of your online transactions 24/7.

Keep account services scaleable to match your increasing transaction size.

Seamless integration of our apparel payment gateway to your current eCommerce website.

Secure data encryption complete with PCI compliant processing, and innovative high-end fraud monitoring & prevention.

Access and manage all of your payments through our virtual terminal effortlessly.

Effective communication with your Vector Payments account specialist whenever you have questions or concerns

Selling Clothing on the Web with an Online Merchant Account

Even with online retail being one of the best ways to sell apparel and clothing, some financial institutions are reluctant to support this kind of business model. So when the banks turn you down for being labeled as “high risk”, reach out to an online clothing payment processor that will be able to successfully back your online business.