Gun-Friendly Credit Card Processing

If you plan to manufacture, import, or sell guns or ammunition, you’ll need a credit card processor that’s on your side!

What to Know

Navigating credit and debit card transactions for the sale of ammo, guns, and firearm parts can be intricate. Fortunately, securing a firearm merchant account with Paymt Pro streamlines payment processing for your company, ensuring efficiency and security.

For businesses in the firearms industry, establishing a gun-friendly payment processor is crucial for success, offering a secure avenue to process payments and safeguard investments. Once equipped with a reliable payment gateway or in-store terminal, you can confidently focus on promoting and marketing the sale of your ammo, firearms, and accessories.

Fortunately, with Paymt Pro, we bring industry expertise and experience to deliver secure and reliable payment processing solutions tailored for your firearms business. Explore the challenges faced by merchants in this industry, and discover how we can effectively mitigate these challenges for you.


Benefits of a Gun-Friendly Credit Card Processor

While businesses in various industries often opt for other payment service providers, these services are not available to firearms businesses. Consequently, firearms businesses are compelled to depend on traditional payment processors to facilitate payment acceptance. However, using processors unfamiliar with the nuances of the firearms industry can pose operational challenges rather than providing assistance.

What You Can Sell With a Merchant Gun & Ammo Payment Processing Account

Why Firearm Payment Processing Is Considered High-Risk

Regulatory Complexity

The firearms industry is subject to a complex web of federal, state, and local regulations, leading to increased scrutiny and making payment processing high-risk due to the need for strict compliance.

Legal and Liability Concerns

Selling firearms involves inherent legal and liability risks, including the potential misuse of firearms. Payment processors consider these risks when categorizing firearm-related transactions as high-risk.

High Chargeback Potential

The nature of the firearms industry, coupled with the potential for customer dissatisfaction or regulatory issues, increases the risk of chargebacks.

Perceived Reputational Risk

The sale of firearms can carry a perceived reputational risk, as some financial institutions may be cautious about associations with industries that have controversial or sensitive public perceptions.

U.S. Restrictions on the Sale of Gun & Ammo Products

In the United States, the sale of gun and ammunition products is subject to a complex web of federal, state, and local regulations designed to balance public safety concerns with individual rights. Federal laws govern aspects such as background checks for firearm purchases, restrictions on certain types of firearms, and regulations surrounding the sale of ammunition. Additionally, individual states may have their own set of regulations, which can vary widely, further adding to the intricacy of compliance for businesses involved in the sale of guns and ammunition. The laws surrounding CBD vary depending on the state. In most states, CBD is legal as long as it has less than 0.3% THC—which is the psychoactive ingredient. As you can see, the laws and regulations surrounding CBD are ambiguous and borderline confusing. That’s one of the reasons why it’s a high-risk industry.