Merchant Accounts for Credit Repair Companies ​

Paymt Pro delivers robust merchant accounts and payment processing solutions tailored to meet all your credit repair requirements.

What to Know

Improving your credit is crucial for securing a more prosperous financial future and unlocking economic opportunities. A diminished credit score can constrain access to loans, mortgages, or rentals. Proactively enhancing your credit profile can elevate your financial status, enabling better lending terms and fostering increased financial stability.

Paymt Pro excels in credit repair payment processing, comprehending the distinctive challenges of the industry. Their robust security measures and stringent compliance protocols guarantee secure and lawful transactions, positioning them as a dependable choice for businesses aiming to expand and safeguard their operations.


Merchant Accounts for Credit Repair Companies

Credit repair proves to be a thriving industry, achieving annual success of $4 billion. It plays a pivotal role in our current economy by aiding individuals in reclaiming financial freedom. Despite the essential nature of this service, regrettably, most financial institutions hesitate to provide merchant account services to credit repair companies. This paradox poses challenges for these businesses, hindering effective operations. As the operator of a credit repair company, you require a trusted payment processor to collaborate with.

What you Can Sell with a Credit Repair Processing Account

Credit Repair Software Companies We Integrate With


Credit Money Machine

Credit Admiral Software

Credit Repair Cloud





Selling Clothing on the Web with an Online Merchant Account

Even with online retail being one of the best ways to sell apparel and clothing, some financial institutions are reluctant to support this kind of business model. So when the banks turn you down for being labeled as “high risk”, reach out to an online clothing payment processor that will be able to successfully back your online business.