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What to Know

In 2015, the global tobacco market surpassed an impressive $6 billion, underlining its sustained growth. The demand for smoking accessories, such as bongs and pipes, within this thriving market makes it imperative for businesses to embrace debit and credit card payments. Accepting card transactions is not only convenient for customers but also crucial for capturing sales from those without immediate access to cash.

To navigate the dynamic landscape of eCommerce effectively, securing a dedicated smoking accessories merchant account is vital. This ensures a seamless and secure payment process tailored to the unique needs of the industry. However, relying on standard processors for credit card processing may pose challenges due to the perceived high-risk nature of selling smoking accessories. Hence, businesses in this niche must prioritize specialized merchant services to mitigate potential issues and foster a robust financial foundation. Traditional banks and payment processors may exhibit hesitancy in extending services to these businesses, driven by concerns related to regulatory implications associated with transactions involving cannabis-related products. Moreover, credit card processors often impose restrictions on the categories of products they are willing to process payments for.

The insufficient security measures implemented by many processors pose risks for both business owners and customers. To address these challenges, it is crucial to identify a reliable and compliant CBD hemp and ancillary cannabis payment processing system.


What You Can Sell with a Smoking Accessories Processing Account

There are thousands of products that customers are looking for in the smoke shop product industry, from well-known staples to high-tech devices. Some of these products are as follows:


Some of the CBD and Hemp products we are currently supporting include:

Why the Smoking Accessories Industry is Viewed as High-Risk

Regulatory Complexity

The smoking accessories industry faces increased scrutiny due to evolving tobacco-related regulations, contributing to its high-risk classification.

Payment Processing Hurdles

Credit card processors often label smoking accessories businesses as high-risk, resulting in challenges obtaining and maintaining merchant accounts, leading to higher fees and scrutiny.


Health Perception

The industry’s connection to smoking raises health concerns, negatively influencing financial institutions’ perception and contributing to its high-risk status.

Safety and Liability Issues

Safety concerns and potential product liability associated with smoking accessories contribute to the industry’s classification as high-risk.

US Restrictions on the Sale of Smoking Accessories

In the United States, the sale of smoking accessories is subject to various restrictions aimed at regulating the industry. Federal and state laws govern the distribution and marketing of smoking-related products, with an emphasis on age restrictions to prevent underage access. Additionally, certain jurisdictions may impose specific limitations on the advertising and display of smoking accessories. Compliance with these regulations is crucial for businesses operating in this sector, ensuring adherence to legal standards and promoting responsible practices within the broader framework of public health and safety.