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Debt Consolidation

Elevate your debt consolidation business with our specialized payment processing services, ensuring secure and seamless transactions for both you and your clients.

What to Know

Reliable online credit card processing is crucial for a debt consolidation company. The ability to accept online payments is paramount in assisting clients. Therefore, prioritizing a partnership with a credit card processor capable of handling high-risk accounts is essential. This is because tier one providers often lack the necessary tools to support credit card processing for debt consolidation.

In assessing a merchant account for a debt consolidation company, a bank evaluates the business’s chargeback ratio, indicating the monthly occurrences of disputed, refunded, and canceled transactions.


Placing Debt Consolidation Agencies is Difficult

Unfortunately, many debt consolidation companies experience a higher frequency of chargebacks, leading them to be categorized as high-risk businesses. Consequently, their applications for a merchant account are repeatedly declined.​

The substantial chargeback ratios faced by debt consolidation businesses stem from a diverse range of circumstances.

Paymt Pro offers merchant accounts for both novice and seasoned debt consolidation enterprises. Our pride lies in an extensive range of services designed to ensure your business's ongoing success.

Less Risk

Lowering risk status is a snap with our chargeback reduction software.


A trusty account specialist is always happy to help before, during, and after your account is approved.

Fraud Prevention

Protect your payments with state of the art fraud prevention using high-end data encryption.

Data Protection

Secure data encryption complete with PCI compliant processing, and innovative high-end fraud monitoring & prevention.

Applying for a Debt Consolidation Payment Gateway

Don’t waste time with other merchant account providers; they lack our industry expertise. Connect with Paymt Pro for reliable payment processing tailored to high-risk industries like yours. As a distinctive debt consolidation payment processor, we truly understand the critical nature of your business model. Call or click today to benefit from our commitment to helping your clients succeed and your business thrive.